• Our most economical choice
  • Small footprint
  • Solid protection
  • Double or single doors

Are you looking for an economical, compact storage building? Our Barn is the best option for someone on a tight budget. Although the walls are only four feet high, the roof design provides plenty of headroom. Its petite size is an asset if you are looking for a storage shed that saves space on a small property.

Customize the Barn to fit your preferences. Would you like the exterior covered in classic metal or long-lasting rustic wood? If you need a place to store your lawn mower, tiller, snow blower, or 4-wheeler, ask for a double door to give you easy entry and exit. Add workbenches and shelves to turn the barn into a woodworking shop or a relaxing place to tinker around on your favorite hobby.

Imagine the convenience of having your valuables stored in your backyard instead of driving to town every time you need something from the storage unit! Call us today at (812) 801-5812 and simplify your life. Need storage space right away? We have many sheds on our display lot waiting for a buyer. We will be happy to provide you with a quick delivery!

To find dealers in your area, Click Here. We provide quality storage building for northern Indiana and southern Michigan.

Standard sizes available for the Barn

Click here for complete size and price list for treated, painted or metal siding. Prices for barns with vinyl siding are available here.