Garden Shed

  • Great value!
  • Large double doors
  • Windows for light and ventilation
  • Small footprint for limited spaces

A favorite seller, our Garden Shed comes with a window and double doors on the side. If you order an 8’ wide building, it comes with walls that are 6’ 6” high. The 10’ buildings and wider have walls that are 8’ tall. We offer a variety of exterior and trim options. Would you like the outside of your Garden Shed covered in classic metal, rustic wood, or durable vinyl? You can also choose weather shield urethane or a painted exterior.

A Garden Shed is not only a handy place to keep all your gardening supplies in one spot. It also fills the need for extra storage room. Is your garage or basement overflowing with seasonal items, outside toys, or bikes? Do you need a place to store pool equipment or grilling supplies? The Garden Shed is a high-value building that could serve all these purposes and more!

Come on over to our lot, and we will be delighted to show you the Garden Sheds we have on display. Or call us today at (812) 801-5812, and we will brainstorm with you to create the structure that meets your needs!

Standard sizes available for the Garden Shed

Click here for complete size and price list for treated, painted or metal siding.