Lofted Barn

  • Our best seller!
  • Large double doors
  • Spacious interior
  • Up to 50% more storage space

Best Seller!

The Lofted Barn, our most popular style, has an attractive appearance and gives you more space for your money. The lofts built into each side provide the extra space needed for storing boxes, extra furniture, seasonal decorations, and household items that are cluttering your house for lack of a better place to keep them.

The lawn mower, garden tools, sports equipment, 4-wheeler, etc. can also find a home in the Lofted Barn. We can install shelves to help you organize whatever it is that you need to get out of the way. The standard Lofted Garden Barn comes with doors on the side and two 2’ x 3’ windows.

If you have a larger item such as a golf cart, SUV, or garden tractor that needs a home, order an overhead door so that you can drive it into the barn.

The Lofted Barn can be upgraded to become your next house. We have many options that would make it an economical and practical housing opportunity. Click on our Options page to see a list of possibilities or call us at (812) 801-5812 to discuss more details.

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Standard sizes available for the Lofted Barn

Click here for complete size and price list for treated, painted or metal siding. Prices for barns with vinyl siding are available here.