Lofted Garage

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Standard Features

  • 9' x 7' Garage Door
  • Solid Metal Entry Door
  • One 2x3 Window
  • Extra Heavy Duty Floor
  • Extra Height Walls (81" Inches)
  • Loft Space

Our Lofted Garage, built with a loft in the back, gives you up to 50% more storage! With its 6’9” wall height it is exactly 6” taller than most of our other lofted style buildings. The floor joists are 12” on center enabling us to guarantee the floor to hold the weight of a full size pickup truck! It comes standard, of course, with a 9x7 American made garage door that can easily be outfitted with an electric garage door opener.

You will never regret having a safe place to store your vehicles, four-wheeler, or other equipment that you want to protect from the weather. Ask your sales person about having your Lofted Garage insulated so you can heat and cool your building efficiently; or check out our options page to see what other options are available for you new building.

Are you ready for the convenience of having your valuables stored in your backyard? Choose the spot, and call us today at 812-801-5812 to discuss building a garage customized to fit your needs. We may have a Lofted Garage on our lot that suits your tastes, so stop by and check out your options! To find a list of dealers, Click Here.

Lofted Garage pricelist.

Standard sizes available for the Lofted Garage