Lofted Garage

  • Standard 9' x 7' roll-up door
  • Heavy-duty floor
  • Up to 50% more storage
  • Sizes up to 16' x 48'

Our Lofted Garage, built with a loft in the back, gives you up to 50% more storage! The walls are the standard 6’ 3” high with a 9’ x 7’ roll-up door on the end that allows vehicle access. The two windows, each 2’ x 3’, provide natural lighting. A solid 3’ metal door completes the entry features of the Lofted Garage.

Because of the roll-up door, the Lofted Garage is the perfect place to store vehicles, boats, or other equipment that you want to protect from the weather. You can turn the Lofted Garage into a fix-it shop, storing spare parts in the loft. Is your hobby woodworking? The Lofted Garage provides a spacious place to create wood projects, store your tools in an organized way, and keep extra lumber scraps out of the way up in the loft!

Or maybe you just need a storage unit in the backyard for all those odds and ends that you don’t know where to put. Your 4-wheeler, snow blower, camping equipment, hunting gear, garden tools, and much more will fit nicely in the Lofted Garage.

Are you ready for the convenience of having your valuables stored in your backyard? Choose the spot, and call us today at (812) 801-5812 to discuss building a shed customized to fit your needs. We may have a Lofted Garage on our lot that suits your tastes, so stop by and check out your options! To find a list of dealers, Click Here.

Standard sizes available for the Lofted Garage

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