Lofted Garden Shed

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  • A little more money - a lot more room!
  • Plenty of light and ventilation
  • Cute design
  • Adds value to your backyard

By spending a little more money, you can get a lot more room when you buy the Lofted Garden Shed. The two lofts add up to 75% more storage than what you get with the regular Garden Shed. This popular style will look attractive sitting in the corner of your backyard.

Standard features on a Lofted Garden Shed include: two 2x3 windows, a set of double doors, two lofts, & 6’3” wall height. 8’ wide buildings come with single 46’’ door and 14’ long and shorter Lofted Garden Sheds come with only one 2x3 window. An optional loft door can be added to the Treated, Painted, or Urethane Lofted Barn for no extra charge. Check out all the other available options by clicking on the Options page.

The Lofted Garden Shed can serve two purposes. Use the two lofts for his/her storage space removing the clutter from your house, and the rest of the shed for your dream hobby shop. Stop by our lot if you can, or give us a call at 812-801-5812 for friendly customer service. We have plenty Lofted Garden Sheds ready for immediate delivery.

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Standard sizes available for the Lofted Garden Shed